The Teeth

27 Aug

I love this band. They’re from London but you’d never have guessed. Unless there’s a place on Mars called London. That might make sense. 

The Teeth make an almighty sleazy electro racket that is insanely fresh sounding. It’s pop music made by stormtroopers. They’re like all the best bits of Hot Chip, The Go! Team and Metronomy thrown in with a heavy dose of funshine thrown in. What is funshine I hear you ask? Well it’s having fun in the sunshine innit.

The band are sure to blow away the crowds of Reading and Leeds this weekend. They sound like the perfect festival band… and if you’ve just hoovered up a gram of horse tranquilizing dust then I suspect they’ll be even better. Not that I am suggesting for one minute that anybody takes drugs at festivals… what crazy talk!


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