The Vinyl Stitches

24 Aug

The Vinyl Stitches sound like they have arrived here in a time machine from the 1960s. They sound like the best garage bands of that era and as we are now in the ‘noughties’, you might think that this is a bad thing. Well, no, you’d be wrong.

Now I know it’s annoying that every fucker you bump into in Camden with skinny jeans and a leather jacket on is in a band these days (most of whom happen to sound like the Libertines on a bad day). We are all sick of hearing bads trying to be other bands. We all want originality right? Well, yes and no. Not always.

Rock n roll is something that you can’t really play around with too much. It will always sound primitive, vintage and raw. Unless of course Timbaland gets his hands on it, but that’s for another rant (grrr Chris Cornell grrr). 

The sound of rock n roll was created in the 50s and 60s and this is rock n roll in it’s purest form. So when a band comes along that does primitive and raw rock n roll, in a strange way, it actually always sound more refreshing than bands trying to experiment with it.

The Vinyl Stitches make an almighty garage psych racket that I can only describe as being like the best of the Stooges and Sonics. Fuzzy guitars, ear piercing vocals, stomping drums and more energy than an extremely hyperactive child.

They are not claiming to push boundaries or change the sound of rock n roll. They like it just the way it was, the way it is and the way that it always should be.


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