The Black Ships

21 Aug

The Black Ships is the new band by Verve’s guitarist Nick McCabe and bass player Simon Jones, together with electric violinist and arranger Davide Rossi and drummer Mig Schillace.

Nick and Simon met Davide during the making of The Verve’s last record Forth, where he helped with the string arrangements and some electric violin playing. They eventually joined on stage for some of their headlines at Glastonbury, V Festivals and Summercase, plus other appearances on TV and radio in the UK.

After the Verve finished touring in August 2008, it was decided that something new should emerge from such a meeting. That took shape in November 2008 in Copenhagen, Denmark, where the band met for the first time to play and record new material straight away.

It was then that Nick brought with him long time friend and collaborator Mig Schillace, to complete the rhythmic section and with it the core line-up of the band.

Since then the boys have been and are still working on it! It’s a slow process, which needs the care and time that it needs, but music fans out there should expect some teasers real soon!


I really like the sound of the one tune that’s up on their MySpace page. You can definitely tell that Nick McCabe is in the band – the man is an absolute genius.

I know that when thinking of the greatest guitarists of all time, we tend to go down the route of the ones that can playing amazing solos (Hendrix, Slash, Gilmour, etc) but for true expressionism and originality, Nick McCabe has got to be up there with the rest of them. He creates sounds that I can’t ever get my head around. 

A lot of people will argue that it’s all to do with the effects he’s using – perhaps, but having all the best equipment doesn’t change a thing. It’s using it to your advantage. And Nick McCabe does that. It’s almost as if he’s not even playing the guitar, more using it as a controller for the effects. Which is something that he does amazingly well!


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