Them Teasin’ Vultures!

12 Aug

Finally! We can hear a sneak preview of the much talked about supergroup consisting of Dave Grohl, Josh Homme and John Paul Jones. The track’s called ‘Nobody Loves Me and Neither Do I’ and it looks like being their set closer. 14 seconds is all we’re getting at the moment, but it’s a start right?

They band made their live debut in Chicago on Sunday night. Footage of the gig is pretty thin on YouTube – the band are doing a remarkable job at keeping the lid on what is surely one of the most exciting things to happen in rock music for a long long time!

There was no song called Paved Death on the set list, which suggests (and probably proves) that the video I posted the other day wasn’t genuine. I didn’t think it was! It sounds nothing like this little clip!

More info on them as and when I get it!


3 Responses to “Them Teasin’ Vultures!”

  1. Jason Sassron August 12, 2009 at . #

    Thanks for posting – but PAVED DEATH and the other one EVADED PATH _do_ kinda sound like this! LOL 😛 Did you figure out what song that was at least?

  2. Jason Sassron August 12, 2009 at . #

    can you find the best clips from the live show and put them up here i cant find anything

  3. youhearditherefirst August 13, 2009 at . #

    I have no idea who the imposters are but I know it’s not TCV. The production quality alone is enough to suggest that it’s not the same band! Obviously, we know this is because it was on their official YouTube page!

    All we can do is sit and wait. I was expecting loads of footage to turn up on YouTube by now but apparently, security were told to be extra careful with people filming! They’re doing a great job of keeping the lid on things.

    It just builds up the excitement that little bit more not being able to hear anything as of yet. It’s kind of like the old days before the internet made music like water!

    I’m itching to hear them though… itching I tell ya!

    Anything I do get my hands on will be up on here instantly.

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