The Big Pink – A Brief History of Love

12 Aug

You may remember that at the beginning of the year, I wrote a standard tips of the year blog about bands and artists that I thought would do well this year. A lot of them have broken through – Florence and the Machine, La Roux, Little Boots, White Lies, VV Brown and Passion Pit are names that you will probably be familiar with more so than you might’ve been in January.

Another band on that list were The Big Pink, an absolutely phenomenal band. Some of you may be familiar with a few of their tunes already – ‘Dominos’ is getting heavy rotation on Radio 1 now and the likes of ‘Velvet’ and ‘Too Young To Love’ have been on my iPod since the end of last year. 

Their new album ‘A Brief History of Love’ (streaming below) is amazing and I’m pretty certain that it’ll make a load of people’s albums of the year – including mine! I seem to remember saying at the time that they could be “this year’s MGMT” but that’s rather insulting. The Big Pink are far superior in my opinion. When I listen to them, I get an overwhelming sense of euphoria. 

It’s released in the UK on September 14th but you can listen to it in full now on their website and MySpace page.


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