Them Crooked Vultures (???) demo surfaces…

7 Aug

Found this on YouTube. A demo of Them Crooked Vultures called ‘Paved Death’. I am not that convinced that this is real. The drums aren’t Grohl-esqe, the guitar doesn’t sound like Homme’s playing it and the bass doesn’t really have the depth that JPJ has – but who knows? It says it’s only a demo so maybe it’s a rough cut. Here it is anyway:

Not official as I said but I know how desperate we all are to hear anything by this band! Hopefully all will become clear after their debut show in Chicago on Sunday night. I’ve seen someone selling a spare ticket on Ebay for $3,000. Could this me one of the most exciting musical events of all time?


3 Responses to “Them Crooked Vultures (???) demo surfaces…”

  1. Jason Sassron August 7, 2009 at . #

    well its definitely raw and u can hear mistakes in it but its hard to tell. Its a good riff but where are Josh’s vocals?

  2. youhearditherefirst August 8, 2009 at . #

    I’m not convinced. Considering Dave and Josh were involved in Songs For The Deaf, one of the greatest rock albums of time in my opinion, this sounds a bit weak in comparison.

    And that’s before I even mention John Paul Jones. The man was in Led Zeppelin for crying out loud!

    If this is real though, it’ll be the biggest musical disappointment in history.

  3. Jason Sassron August 12, 2009 at . #

    HEY why was paved death removed if its a fake? Copyright Enfringment claim by JOsh Hommes??

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