Ellen & The Escapades

5 Aug

Ellen & The Escapades are fronted by the soulful and heartfelt vocals of Ellen Smith, a girl I posted a blog about her late last year after seeing her perform a Ryan Adams cover on YouTube. 

She is now fronting The Escapades and her amazingly striking voice is now backed up by musicianship stunningly soaked in a country folk marinade.

As I said, I first noticed Ellen on YouTube performing on her own, stripping the music right back to it’s bare bones and it was really really good. Music in it’s purest form. Her voice is understated in a similar way to Laura Marling, which stranglely gives it more power than if she was to scream at the top of her lungs.

With The Escapades now behind her, the music reminds me of the best moments that Cat Power, Bob Dylan and Ryan Adams produce with such ease. It’s Americana folk music that is both effective and spiritual without being self indulgent and it’s music that is full of great hope and optimism.

The band are quite new to the game as well, they’ve only been around making music in Leeds for a year or so but their music is well written, well played and honest. They’re not the sort of band that I would expect to come from Leeds given the other bands that I’ve listened to from that neck of the woods lately, but that’s not a bad thing. More surprising is that they’re unsigned. I don’t think that will be the case for long mind you!

With a vocalist as strong and as adorable fronting them, the band will win many many hearts I am sure. 

Here’s the band playing ‘Run’ – a b-side to the fantastic ‘Without You’ – released in May.

You can buy the 7 inch from various independent record shops across the UK as well as on iTunes.

The band also play on the BBC Introducing stage at this year’s Reading and Leeds Festivals.


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