Michael Jackson’s death is paying for Raygun’s stupidity…

4 Aug
I wasn’t really that bothered about Michael Jackson’s death to be honest. Yes, he made some great music but I was never touched by him the way others were. That’s not me making a joke by the way!
It’s a common occurance that when an artist dies, their work becomes hot property. Arguably, Michael Jackson was the biggest star in the world and a hot topic given the comeback shows he was due to stage.
So it came as no surprise that his albums started flying off of physical and digital shelves by the bucketload after his death. The royalties and publishing that Michael will earn off the back of this will obviously go to his children but let’s not forget that his label would also benefit from his death. His label? Sony BMG. Raygun’s label? Sony BMG. I think you can see where I’m going with this….
With money to burn, Sony BMG can afford to take a few risks and experiment with their strategies a little bit. Are Raygun the start of a new form of viral marketing? Or are they just shite?
So, I’m six weeks or so late but maybe it’s time I start updating my Facebook status with “OMG! Michael, come back! We love and miss you! LOLZ x”.

I’m sure you’ve seen this already but for those that haven’t…

It’s certainly causing quite a storm. Cliched answer after cliched answer with a ridiculous arrogance that becomes almost genius in it’s comic timing! Surely they’re not that obnoxious and up their own arse… I mean, it’s not really arrogance either – certainly not in the way that people deem Oasis to be arrogant. This is just dillusion.

As somebody who wants to work in A&R and/or marketing within the music industry, it makes me sick that the people doing my dream job sign and promote bands like this. In this day and age, record labels don’t have the power they used to have and the reaction that this little promotional video has received says it all about how behind the times the music industry is.

A lot of people are saying that this is a joke and it’s not real. Could it be a lame attempt by Sony to create a buzz – because NOBODY will take them seriously right? Perhaps the term ‘no such thing as bad publicity’ came up in the marketing meeting – but let’s face it, it blew up in their face if so didn’t it?

Maybe they were thinking of using the joke band idea as a gimmick. Better to be a joke band than just another bad one right? Well done. Now a whole bunch of people know how bad Raygun are. A lot of people really believe that it’s all a joke. Hmmm.

Firstly, joke bands are usually funny and obviously mocking themselves and the industry they’re in. Spinal Tap,The Darkness and Flight of the Conchords make no attempt to make serious statements – all are actually funny and light relief from all the arrogant self important fools that we read about in the music press on a regular basis. These guys aren’t funny – they are deluded middle class boys with nothing to say but are trying ever so hard to be important. You can practically smell the desperation for them to give meaning to their uninspired attempt at making music. Being self important comes with the job when you’re a musician (take me for example) but there’s a very fine between self belief and dillusion.

Secondly, joke bands actually put thought into their music to make it fun. There’s no attempt to dress it up as something it’s not. It doesn’t take itself too seriously and that’s why people like it so much because they are so many people in the music industry (look at this interview) that see themselves as Christ like figures just because somebody at a major label thinks he can make a quick buck off them. Raygun, somebody has signed you so they can make money. You are not special. Have you even heard yourselves?

Thirdly, if this is a huge viral marketing plan (a method so important in the digital age) then why on earth would Sony BMG remove the video? They would’ve seen the video before it was shown on TV let alone uploaded to YouTube. It is a bit suspicious for them to suddenly want to remove all traces of it after the (rather brilliant) reaction it has created.

That said, it could be a marketing plan by Sony that has just gone horribly wrong with the Web 2.0 generation refusing to buy into what the major labels throw at us anymore.

Real or fake – good or bad publicity, I have one question – who’s going to buy their records anyway? They’re awful. “Amusing” video and internet buzz means nothing. You can’t polish a turd. I wouldn’t even download their music for free. I’d rather download an STI. Us all talking about the band isn’t going to give them any money is it? Unless of course they plan to sell more of these “fake” interviews and sell them on to magazines – but given the reaction of the YouTube video, what editor would be stupid enough to pay them?

Four more applications for Jobseekers Direct to process next week? Back to the admin roles Ray…

I’ll leave you with a random YouTube comment that I think ends this article rather nicely:

“Talentless haircut bimbos making forgettable twat-witted landfill indie.

I hate this world. This fucking dreadful, appalling, foetid, shit-stinking, ghastly world.

My God, the lead singer is a complete bell tower.”



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