Muse – Uprising

3 Aug

‘Uprising’ is the first single off the highly anticipated fifth album ‘The Resistance’ released on September 14th by the one and only Muse.

Fans were treated to a free download of ‘United States of Eurasia’ a few weeks back but ‘Uprising’ will be the first official single which is to be released on September 7th. A week before the album. Click here to listen to the single on the official Muse site.

My first impression? I am hoping it’ll grow on me. Of the two new tunes I’ve heard, I’ve not been blown away or excited in the same way that I felt excited the first time I heard the opening riff to ‘Plug In Baby’ or ‘Knights of Cydonia’ – the monster that opened up a lot of their live shows in 2006. It sounds…. dare I say it? A bit uninspired. It doesn’t really go anywhere.

Didn’t we hear Kasabian do the Gary Glitter homage better with ‘Shoot The Runner’ three years ago? Or Goldfrapp with ‘Strict Machine’? Whilst I disliked Muse in the early stages because I felt they were trying too hard to be like Radiohead, I fell in love with them when they started to make original forward thinking music. They created their own unique sound and did it amazingly well. But now… these two new songs, well, they sound less original than ever before. Like Matt Bellamy’s popped into a karaoke bar near his home in Italy.

I do like the groove but great Muse tunes over the years have always built up into a colossal bone shattering riff or chorus – they doesn’t really seem to be a massive chorus to this and at five minutes long, the rhythm section starts to resemble a very slooooow train to Huddersfield on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

Muse have always been an album band though so maybe in the grand scheme of things, these tunes will sit well in context with the rest of the songs on the record. The titles fill me with confidence and they command your attention simply as words on a page – I hope the music is epic enough to back it up because the first two tunes I’ve heard are somewhat lacklustre. By Muse standards anyway, give me this ahead of Franz Ferdinand and The Kooks. It’s slightly concerning that these are the first two songs to be put out there for everyone – usually a band will release their best stuff first to hype up the album…

I was just hoping for something a lot more mindblowing as opposed to something that at the moment feels somewhat disappointing, uninspired and by numbers – like a wet sandwich… 

It’s always difficult when a band hits their peak to know where to go next. Where do you go after headlining Wembley Stadium? Oasis had the same trouble after Knebworth – they recorded an album of by numbers rock (Be Here Now) too quickly and the buzz for the band was over. That said, I love Be Here Now but in comparison to Morning Glory and the hype that was generated for it, it was destined to be a flop. Some might say (wahey!) that Oasis have never really got back that excitement.

Foo Fighters said after headlining Wembley Stadium last summer that they were going to take a break with Dave Grohl saying: “Where do you go from here? We need take some time out and come back when people miss us….”. I’m thinking that this is what all good bands should do when they hit their peak. With all that in mind, maybe this album has just come too soon?

It seems I’m not the only one that feels this way either. The majority of people commenting on the NME blog are disappointed with comments along the lines of “naff”, “complacent”, “unserious” and “lazy”.   

I sure hope that Muse haven’t lost it because when they are on form they are pretty close to being untouchable. Only time will tell. I’ll be honest though, when a band’s intro reminds you of Lady Gaga it can’t be good….

 Muse – Uprising


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