Milk White White Teeth

3 Aug

I know what you are thinking. I thought the exact same thing when I saw the name. I didn’t take it seriously. In the grand scheme of things, band names aren’t important once you hear the music and so I thought I’d give them a go nevertheless.

With Milk White White Teeth I felt a bit like I imagine Simon Cowell and co felt when Susan Boyle turned up saying she wanted to be an opera singer. Much like them, I had decided on the verdict without even hearing the evidence and I didn’t expect anything from Milk White White Teeth because of something so shallow as the name but then… I was blown away. I do hope they forgive me for being so judgmental.

According to their MySpace, they have only been playing as a full band since December last year but the eight Leeds based guys and gals have created some really good songs that sound really fresh amongst the hundreds of other average bands I’ve heard recently.

I listen to a lot of new music obsessively and it is amazing how something good just jumps out at me at times. I don’t know why or how but I just feel that the music is great. It’s almost as if I’m TOLD by a higher power in some strange way. I don’t know. I could just have a good instinct for these things.   

Milk White White Teeth have a rather interesting selection of instruments in their arsenal and I sure would love to be a fly on the wall in the cellar where they created their songs. I get the feeling that it’s magical. And I always wanted to be a wizard when I was little… huzzah!

With only 100 odd friends on MySpace, I am very excited to have caught them so early. Go and check them out. They make music in it’s purest form without over complicating the already special. They’ve only been together for a few months as well, I’m very keen to hear more from them already!


5 Responses to “Milk White White Teeth”

  1. […] Milk Milk White Teeth […]
    P.S. – Sorry, forgot to tell you great post!

  2. Dave September 2, 2009 at . #

    its a very tight fit in the cellar, flies cant stand the volume.

    Check out some of their performances on my youtube, Im their VJ and general tag along. We’ve just done Reading and Leeds, gonna be getting those sets up ASAP.

    Cheers for the interest,

  3. Jonny February 25, 2010 at . #


    • youhearditherefirst March 3, 2010 at . #

      I’d be more than happy to listen to your band Jonny boy!


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    […] Milk Milk White Teeth […]

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