Sounds of Birmingham: Tantrums / The Gravity Crisis / 35 Seconds

26 Jul

Remember when you wanted sweets as a kid and your parents wouldn’t buy you them? I used to stomp my feet and make a scene until the packet of Refreshers (other sweets are available) were in my little cheeky hands. Tantrums worked didn’t they?

Anyway, I’m not talking about those kind of tantrums. Instead, I am talking about a band from Birmingham who share the name of such wonderful childhood memories!

Tantrums are an energetic progressive punk quartet from Burrrrmingum (Birmingham that is) with mighty riffage and frantic drumming – as well as throwing some dubstep into the mix. 

I’ve yet to see the band live but I imagine they put on one hell of a show. The band also host a bi-monthly club night ‘Mob’ in their home city where they invite a load of other bands to play alongside them and when looking at some of the other bands they are playing with (Scarlet Harlots, Arcadian Kicks), I am actually quite tempted to make a journey NORTH to see them. North! Imagine that!

The Gravity Crisis were played on my radio show aaaaaages ago. They’re an awesome mix of monster guitars, instantly memorable vocal chants and an overwhelming amount of heavy hooked choruses bashed out with more energy than a hyperactive child. To label them as an indie band would be a huge insult – that said, they do have a certain Pigeon Detectives and Futureheads vibe about them… if both bands were on crack. 

And completing the trilogy of bands from Birmingham for you to check out, perhaps my favourite one of the lot – 35 Seconds. I played “Chew” on my radio show about a year ago and I’m amazed that they’ve not broken through yet.

Imagine the Killers with the visceral snarl of Tom Meighan and co. Their songs are electrifying and energetic played with enough passion to keep you hooked. Steve Lamacq, John Kennedy and the NME have sung their praises in the past and I’m sure that the right breaks will come for this band eventually.


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