Meanwhile, over at Radio 1….

16 Jul

Jo Whiley is moving to weekend slots. Fearne Cotton is moving from a weekend slot to a weekday slot. Yadda yadda yadda. But, hey, guess what? The daytime playlist will remain the same. So from September, we’ll get to hear different voices at different times introducing and talking over the same old shite.  Joy.

I think Andy Parfitt should look at Radio 1’s playlist policy first and foremost. Then maybe I’d be interested in listening to daytime Radio 1. The presenters make no difference when the music is utter tripe if you ask me. You can put make up on a pig but it’s still a pig.

If God was on Radio 1 as a guest to explain the meaning of life we’d still have to listen to Flo Rida and Cascada in between. Evacuate the Dancefloor? With pleasure…

Radio 1’s playlist policy is an absolute joke. Everything seems to be so focused on their daytime schedule and everything else gets pushed to one side. In a world where podcasts, downloads, internet radio stations and Spotify users are increasing, Radio 1 is fighting desperately to cling onto it’s audience. The focus is obviously on the younger generation and maybe that is a sign that I am getting old BUT when the music on a daytime show is so unbelievably bad and repetitive, people will seek out music elsewhere. As I say, there are plenty of other options for people these days.

Clearly, Andy Parfitt’s idea on how to get around this is to offer wonderfully talented and entertaining presenters to get people to listen to the shows. A nice idea in theory but for me personally, music should ALWAYS come first. The playlist at Radio 1 reads like the worst jukebox of all time on a regular basis. But it’s OK, we have Reggie Yates to entertain us… if I wanted entertainment, I’d go to the zoo. Music is more important and the only music I discover on daytime Radio 1 is music that makes me want to cut my ears off. Fortunately, we still have the likes of Huw Stephens, Zane Lowe, Rob Da Bank and Gilles Peterson for musical discovery, but how long before they are pushed aside like John Peel was?

Reggie and Edith RUINED the Glastonbury coverage with their ignorance and ridiculous attempts to be witty in between links. I could cope with missing the mud based fun at Glastonbury if I didn’t have to put up with them uttering things like “Neil Young? I don’t really know who he is. He’s old though right? How ironic!”

I get the impression that these guys know NOTHING about music whatsoever. Again, the biggest radio station in the land should focus on the music and get presenters in who know their stuff. Obviously, the specialist shows are a different story – the playlist goes out out the window and the presenters KNOW what they are talking about and aren’t just there to express their “personality”.

I am a lover of music and I can’t stand Radio 1. The biggest station in the country. What does that tell you? Andy Parfitt should take a long hard look at the playlist in between counting his money because if music lovers turn their back on the station then what will the ripple effect of that do for the music industry in this country?

Radio 1 has a lot of power and it shapes the way mainstream music is the way it is. Sadly, with specialist shows getting completely pushed to one side and the focus on using clowns to attract young people to the station, the playlist policy will have a knock on effect meaning that GOOD bands will have to fight to get onto the playlist. The ones that do, will become bloated mainstream rock bands (Coldplay) and other credible bands that don’t will be stuck on Zane Lowe’s show forever. The gap is widening as well. New bands really don’t have a chance anymore with the playlist the way it is. Only shite seems to get through. Which then becomes popular. Which then inspires kids to make shite music. And so on and so on.

I worry for the future of music when the most powerful people in promoting it are a gobby fat twat from Leeds, an annoying Bolton ladette with tits, an ex kids TV presenter with an IQ lower than a rudeboy’s tracksuit bottoms and an ex MTV presenter who spends her entire life sleeping with frontmen of bland indie bands to appear cool. These people know nothing and they are the ones that are going to make and break bands? Fearne is fit yes but what good is that to me on radio?!

At the end of the day, bands and artists want to get recognised for their work. When Radio 1 has a policy of playing Lady Gaga ten times a day whilst Alessi’s Ark plays to twenty people in a Brixton pub, you start to worry. Sooner or later, talented artists will die out. I am not blaming Radio 1 for the collapse of the music industry but I don’t think they are helping.

Downloading may have brought death to the album but is mainstream radio going to bring death to talented artists whilst the plastic and grotesque idiots from TV talent shows prevail?


2 Responses to “Meanwhile, over at Radio 1….”

  1. hotjack July 26, 2009 at . #

    I completely agree – well said.

    However, as The Jam said: “the public gets what the public wants.” Let’s be honest here – the country is teeming with brain-dead couch potatoes who don’t want to think for themselves or make an effort to discover new things. They are quite happy to let the likes of Chris Moyles and Scott Mills dictate what they should find funny, cool or clever.

    Things only survive as long as there are markets for the product being sustained. As long as people tune in and zone out there will be a constant procession of vacuous ‘entertainers’ on mainstream radio.

    However, the tide is turning and a split is increasingly developing between those who are hungry to experience fresh new music and those who are happy to sit back and accept the muck they are fed. Let the latter group keep their Coldplay, Keane and Lady GaGa gigs whilst we get on with finding stuff that excites us.

    As for musicians, things have potentially never been better in terms of opportunities to promote themselves in creative and cost-effective ways. I share your dismay with Radio 1 but I think we are very far away from the death of talented musicians having creative outlets.

    Great blog btw!

    Indie Music Hour –


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