Dark Captain Light Captain

15 Jul

A friend of mine who was fortunate enough to make it to SXSW earlier this year informed me that London band Dark Captain Light Captain were one of the bands that stood out.

Considering you are subjected to so much music in such a short space of time, to come away raving about one band in particular must say something about how good they really are.

I know how that is. I can listen to 100 bands that are “OK”. Not “amazing”. Not “awful”. Just “OK”. Which is the worst thing a band can be. It suggests that the band have NOTHING that jumps out at you – good or bad. Making music is about expression and musicians want people to react to what they create.

Dark Captain Light Captain are a band that stood out for him and they are a band that stand out for me. I have been friends with them on MySpace for a long time but like so many other bands, with there being so many on offer these days, it is sometimes hard to remember them all. However, as I said, the great bands are the ones you don’t forget and I have a soft spot for Dark Captain Light Captain and I’m sure when you check out their blissed out experimental folk, you will too!



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