Soundgarden – 2010 Reunion?

8 Jul

A few months ago, I was working alongside a manager of an upcoming UK indie band (who I can’t mention). Like me, he has a love for all things grunge – so much so he runs his own grunge club night in London.

One day, we were listening to the absolutely shuddering Timbaland (mass) produced Chris Cornell album and it was from there that we started talking about Soundgarden. Whenever I am asked to list, or when I feel like creating a geeky list of my top ten albums of all time, I can guarantee that Soundgardens’s ‘Superunkown’ will be named almost straight away every time. It was from here that he told me the following:

“Can I tell you something?” he said. For a second, I started to worry. It was as if a girlfriend had just told me “we need to talk”. I felt anxious and nervous. I was worried I’d done something to offend him and he was going to yell at me for liking Superunknown. “Fuck off! Bad Motor Finger is a hundred times better you moron! Now get out of my sight before I kick you in the fucking face!”. But he didn’t. Instead, after I agreed he could tell me whatever it was he wanted to tell me, he looked me straight in the eye and told me the following:

“They ARE reforming next year.”

My response was one of both excitement and disbelief. I asked how he knew and he says that the agent responsible for booking the tour is part of the same company that books the band he manages. So it’s pretty water tight on that score. It’s not as if he’d just heard a rumour. He did tell me to keep it quiet and not tell anyone who I heard it from but I’ve kept it as discreet as I can right? And I figure a lot of new fans of Soundgarden are dying to see them (like those too young to see them before they split – including myself) 

Of course, whether or not he was just joking with me remains to be seen. I don’t see the point in lying about it!

Kim Thayill, Ben Shepherd and Matt Cameron got onstage together for the first time since 1997 during a Tom Morello Justice Tour show in Seattle earlier this year, with grunge icon Tad Boyle sitting in on vocals.

“If I was there, I probably would’ve gotten up onstage,” Cornell told the Washington Post. “They were just getting up there and doing it for fun, and I think that’s great. The only thing I didn’t like is that I wasn’t there to see it.”                                                                                                                                                      

Obviously though, it’s all very hush hush for legal reasons, certain deals need to be done and contract obligations need to be fulfilled before it can be announced but all I can say is roll on 2010! Oh and Mr Timbaland, please stay the fuck away!

Soundgarden are without doubt one of the best bands to ever come out of America. Highly complex song structures and time signatures, ferocious riffs, earth shattering vocals and you get an overwhelming feeling of power with every listen. I can’t wait!

If Rage Against The Machine, Blur, Faith No More and Blink 182 can do it…


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