Savoir Adore

8 Jul

Yet another band from the wonderful city of New York. It’s an amazing musically historical city that has created a stunning history of legends and it never fails to deliver it’s fair share of exciting new artists to sit alongside the greats.

Thanks to the internet, it is now possible to discover bands from all over the world using a few simple search parameters. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting to find as many superb bands from New York that I have done. If only I could meet a lovely American girl (for immigration purposes) and move across the water and get away from this miserable country that is arrogant enough to refer to itself as ‘Great’. It’s Adequate Britain at best. Any country that produces the Kaiser Chiefs can not be labelled as great. I mean really.

A band that does warrant the title of being great is Savoir Adore. They write beautifully crafted dreamy pop songs. Whimsical lyrics are delivered by stunning boy/girl vocal melodies that add further amazement to the already sublime. 

For those that love to dance, check out the video below. Did someone say ‘disco bass’? Apparently, this video was made for just $99.

With only 1500 or so friends on MySpace, these guys are defintely ones to keep your eyes on.

You can get their first EP ‘Machines’ from their website:


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