Your New Favourite Band… Gallops!

4 Jul

I know that I rave about a lot of new bands and I always write like an hyperactive child using words like “amazing” and “best thing I’ve ever heard”.

Well, in the case of Wrexham’s Gallops! the adjectives are all true. They ARE amazing and they ARE one of the best bands I’ve ever heard. Obvious comparisions can be made to the likes of Battles and Foals but their brand of electronic post/math rock has a darker psychedelic side to it. A melting pot of dark synthesis, room rumbling bass, walls of guitar noise and Sabbath esqe riffing is all backed up by ferocious locked in Bonzo tinged drum grooves, which are so good it makes you want to smash up the room you’re sitting in.

When I first saw them, I was overcome by the sort of excitement I’d not felt since first seeing Kling Klang – which says a lot. If you find yourself of public transport while listening to Gallops, you’ll suddenly look and feel much cooler with a burning rage to spit in the faces of all of those who are wearing a suit and reading a book.

To quote Lemar – if there’s any justice in the world, they will take the world by storm. Their music is fresh, atmospheric, passionate and like all great music, fucking LOUD! Turn it up to eleven and don’t be surprised to be saying “Mogwai who?” after listening to them. Plus as an added bonus, they’re all sound geezers. Expect the NME to be in love with them before the year is out.

Here’s a video of the boys playing ‘Crutches’ for BBC Introducing

Huw Stephens has already taken a shine to them by whacking them on his first compilation album, with a witty title of ‘Music Sounds Better With Huw’ – an album on Wichita with a whole host of superb new up and coming acts such as Gentle Friendly, Wax Fang, Gold Panda, Swanton Bombs, Copy Haho and Dinosaur Pile Up to name but a few.

The compilation is available exclusively from iTunes at a measly £4.49click here to buy it directly.

To hear all the tracks and see more information about the bands, including a Q + A with Huw, point your internet this way:

One last thing – GO AND SEE THEM LIVE!

For fans of: Battles, Foals, Pivot, Sonic Youth, Kyuss, Tortoise, Forward Russia, The Music, Queens of the Stone Age, Mogwai, Death In Vegas, Kling Klang, Aphex Twin, ZX Spectrum Orchestra, Warp Records and ATP


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