The soundtrack of my life…

3 Jul

Remember that episode of Family Guy where Peter wishes for his own theme music? I was thinking of that today and started thinking of what the end credit music would be if a film was ever made about me.

For years and years it has always been between Joy Division’s ‘Atmosphere’ and Mogwai’s ‘2 Rights Make 1 Wrong’ but with me now having a new music obsession, I have two more songs for consideration.  


Such a beautiful sounding record. One that totally lifts you away from where you are. Which is what all music should do. It’s escapism and it’s why I love it so much. Life is hard enough as it is right?


The lyrics to this song are absolutely amazing. I am not normally one to pay attention to lyrics but when I first heard this I nearly cried. It summed up exactly how I was feeling at the time. It’s not often that lyrics can grab me as I say so I see that as a sign of it’s genius. Titus Andronicus are ace. Check out their album. You will not be disappointed.


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