Introducing… Kof

30 Jun


This is not my usual thing and I’m sure you are all somewhat surprised to see me raving about a hip hop artist when I am normally going on and on about guitar bands but I really really like this guy. It’s seriously fun music. It’s what hip hop should be. He’s not just using a vocoder and spitting about how big his gun, car, bank account or cock is whilst at the same time dancing about in a fur coat throwing dollar bills at women in bikinis. Naming no names… Danye Fest.

Speaking of which, what the hell is the temperature in the studios where these idiots film their music videos anyway? Women in bikinis with a pimp daddy in a fur coat dancing around a car that bounces up and down like a spacehopper. A spacehopper with rims. You musn’t forget the rims.

Anyway, I digress, where was I? Ah yes. The temperature. It makes no sense. Are the ladies cold? There are laws regarding work temperatures that clearly aren’t being abided by if that is the case. Health and Safety officers would have a field day on a P Diddy shoot I tell thee. Sorry, shoot is an insenstive word for me to use… y’know with all them drive-bys and that.

It’s either that or it’s actually really hot in the film studio and the pimp daddy in question is wearing a fur coat and bling purely to hide his complete lack of self esteem.

Anyway, check out a man called Kof. Much like the genius of Jurassic 5, A Tribe Called Quest, Grandmaster Flash, Roots Manuva, Run DMC et al, it’s proof that hip hop can unite the people and put grins on our faces despite the morons of recent years that have turned the hip hop art form into a violent and explicite pantomime.

This video is from his Glastonbury performance at the weekend. You can tell by the crowd’s reaction that he is sure to be a live treat for future festivals with his flawless rhymes delivered over some instanty recognisable samples.

He’s hitting London town on July 14th as part of Huw Stephen’s monthly night at The Social. These nights are becoming an awesome showcase of new talent so if you are in the area, get yourself down.


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