Michael Jackson – The Hypocrisy of the Media

27 Jun

I am truly amazed by the hypocrisy of the world’s media and indeed a lot of people in the world at the present time.

The media LOVED the scandal that came with Michael Jackson’s later years. From the molestation allegations to dangling his newborn child over a balcony to sleeping in an oxygen tank to the constant questions about his finances and health. Or the $22m he paid to Jordy Chandler’s family. Or the sceptical opinions on his marriage a few years later. Or the trial in 2005. Has all that been forgotten?  I’m not one to speculate on all the scandals that surrounded Michael Jackson’s later years but I am certainly not going to forget it just because he’s dead either.

I don’t deny that Michael Jackson was an important figure in shaping popular culture who inspired many and made music come alive nor do I deny that such stature brings with it a great deal of pressure and pain. His death comes as a huge shock but what I find truly amazing is that as soon as anything like this happens, the person is given status as being a messiah and everybody comes out of the woodwork to sing the praises and mourn for someone that let’s face it, a lot of people didn’t before. Especialy in the media who only think to honour the dead, when it does the dead no good.

I know that it is no comparison whatsoever but the exact same thing happened with Jade Goody. Hated and attacked by the media and people of this country, when she died, the country turned into a nation of mourners with her face all over the very same tabloid papers that labelled her “racist scum” and argued she should be deported. Not to mention a load of you on Facebook being greatly upset by her dying at such a young age. Thousands die of cancer every year and don’t have the nation weeping for them and leaving flowers outside their door. Don’t get me wrong, I of all people know how horrible cancer is and I am not saying that Jade Goody deserved it but at the same time, I won’t fake being upset about her death only to feel better about myself for not liking her when she was around.

That being said, I do agree that it is better to remember anybody passing for the good they brought to the world and Michael Jackson did a lot of that obviously but I think something like this really shows how fake a lot of people in the world really are. Is the media that tore Michael Jackson apart now regretting some of their words? Or are they just writing what they have to write to shift their words of hypocrisy? I’m sure we will see a whole host of magazines across the world dedicating their entire issues to him in the next month or so. Am I the only one that sees editors around the world rubbing their hands together in preperation for the luxury cruise they’ll be able to soon afford?

And it is pretty clear from yesterday’s figures that saw Michael Jackson’s entire back catalogue hitting the top ten on both iTunes and Amazon that a load of people in the world suddenly stop and pay attention with rose tinted specs when somebody dies. These are probably the same people that go over the top on Twitter and Facebook about how they are feeling about their death. “I always thought he was a bit mental but given all the people that are upset maybe he wasn’t that bad. I think I’ll just go online and buy Thriller. It’s only right”.

I grew up listening to Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5 just like everyone else and I was a huge fan ‘back in the day’ but let’s face it before his announced comeback tour (which a lot of people argued was largely to do with his dire financial circumstances) his career in musical terms was on a downward spiral. Three albums in 20 years? One of which consisted mostly of greatest hits.

I realise that his earlier work was legendary and he knocked over boundaries at the time and for that he should be respected but we can all honour Michael Jackson by listening to his music and celebrating his life. That’s enough. The world hasn’t changed. He wasn’t your life. Your life will go on. You will all be fine. The media will be fine. I’m sure Madonna is next on their hit list.

Every death is shocking no matter how important the person is. I don’t feel anymore sorrow for Michael Jackson’s family than I do the other families around the world who lost loved ones yesterday as well as tomorrow and today.

This is of course only my opinion and if you disagree with me then fair enough. I’m not trying to argue or upset anyone but I refuse to get sucked in by media manipulation. But that is just me and I realise that there are people in the world who were genuinely touched by him and do have the right to say what they are saying about him and feel the way they do. That is not what I am getting at. I am simply questioning certain people that are now holding him aloft because they believe they have to.

As sad as it is, in black and white terms (excuse the pun) Michael Jackson was an entertainer. A great one yes but I would rather honour and respect the millions who died in wars fighting for the freedom that we all take advantage of today. They’re the real heroes.


One Response to “Michael Jackson – The Hypocrisy of the Media”

  1. Toomuchmjforme June 29, 2009 at . #

    I couldn’t agree with you more. What really surprises me is how we seem to have a collective case of amnesia about Michael Jackson’s past legal issues and his history of drug abuse. Even if the allegations of child sex abuse weren’t true, where were all these die hard fans, like Justin Timberlake and Madonna, Britney and Quincy Jones, Liza and Liz Taylor, when Mr. Jaxson needed their support the most? Oh, yeah-they were too busy buying his albums to publicly lend their fame in his defense. Too much!! St. Michael, we hardly knew ya.

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