Lady Gaga

26 Jun

What is it with some of my Facebook friends? I just logged on to find the following notification in my otherwise empty notifications box:

“Laura suggested you become a fan of Lady Gaga”

Well, Laura, I suggest you fuck right off! Poker Face? I’d rather poke my own eyes out than listen or watch that talentless drag queen try and entertain me.

The worst thing about me not going to Glastonbury this year is the fact that if I was there, I’d not be in a fit enough state to remember seeing her. Instead, I’m sat at home, sober and watched her entire set and have it in my memory for eternity- exploding bras and all.

Who the hell buys such shite? I know she’s supposed to be sexy and she’s using that “sex appeal” to shift her god awful records by the truck load but I personally would rather have sex with a man… oh wait….

Put some clothes on and shut the fuck up woman.


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