Lewis Floyd Henry

1 Jun

Ah buskers… we all come across them every single day of our lives right? Usually it’s when we’re on our way home from work where we really have no interest in listening to someone’s personal interpretation of Bob Marley’s ‘Redemption Song’ in the medium of dance or a ukulele tribute to Boyzone.

There are occasional exceptions to this though however. Every once and a while you come across a busker who is so unbelievably engaging that you completely forgot about where you’re going or where you’ve been. It’s actually quite offensive to label them as buskers because these people do not belong in the same category as most of the idiots that we see. 

Lewis Floyd Henry is one of those stunning musicians and show men that you will stop in the middle of the road to watch no matter how important that meeting is or how hot the girl waiting for you is.

For me to try and describe him is a tricky thing. I’ve told all of my friends about him and the reaction I get is that it must be a joke. Why? Well, OK, he’s a one man band. I know, I know… a one man band. I have taken the Rich Hall stance on this though:

“Why is that when Bob Dylan plays harmonica, sings and play guitar he’s a genius yet if you make an extra effort to strap a bass drum to your back and some cymbals to your knees, you’re crazy?”

Lewis Floyd Henry doesn’t have a bass drum strapped to his back of course – his set up is less mobile than that. He plays the guitar (with not only his hands but his tongue, arm, nose and teeth) and plays a kids drum kit with his feet all while singing blues and classic rock covers. Not only that but he looks and sounds just like Jimi Hendrix.

I wish I could do him more justice but all I can say is if you find yourself down Brick Lane or the South Bank on a Sunday afternoon this summer, the chances are, Lewis Floyd Henry will be there.


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