I Am The Ressurection…

12 Apr

Firstly, a very happy Easter weekend to you all. I hope you are all enjoying the long weekend. Unless of course you are a student, in which case, every day is a weekend right?

We’ve all heard the phrase “grunge is dead” and for many years this has been the case – since Kurt Cobain departed us all in 1994, a lot has changed. Even Cobain’s bandmates have moved on – Krist went into politics and Dave is now known as the nicest guy in rock. We’ve had the rise and fall of Britpop, the Spice Girls are now nothing but a bunch of old hags, Chris Cornell has sold out and become a Timbaland bitch and the easiest way to become a star nowadays is to win a nationwide talent show broadcasted on prime time television. How the world has changed.

But, let’s look at what’s happened this year – firstly, Faith No More have announced they are reforming, the Vaselines recently blew away London, Pearl Jam and Sonic Youth are of course still going strong and Nine Black Alps have this week hit us with a free download ‘Buy Nothing’ available on their MySpace page.

As well as that, there are a load of brand new bands coming out this year that have a classic grunge vibe about them. Namely Dinosaur Pile Up, The Computers and Japanese Voyeurs.

So is grunge dead? Maybe it has been but on this weekend of all weekends, is it time for a ressurection? I think it is! Grunge is back!


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