Some new music for you all!

14 Mar

Some more amazing new music from the office of The Great Escape Festival!

Master Shortie

Master Shortie’s fresh, enthusiastic self-made-man approach to making and releasing his music is an inspiration in an age when so many supposedly ‘underground’ acts are busy chasing major label deals and shrouding themselves in designer hype to mask their essential lack of talent. Here, however, is the Real Deal, and he’s ready to unleash his molten mix of The Rapture, Outkast, DMX, Usher, Klaxons, Prince, Axel F and drum’n’bass on the world.

Come On Gang

Catchy, up-beat, high-tempo Pop / Rock with distorted guitars, driving rhythm section and sing-along pop hooks sung by frontgirl Sarah Tanat Jones: Come On Gang! is an order to get yourself on the dancefloor!


When asked about their influences, Throats will tell you quite simply they want to ‘Play as loud and fast as humanly possible’. That just about sums up the cacophonous, tumultuous, screaming frenzy that Throats unleash.

There is beauty in this chaos though: Throats produce some mind-blowing, windmill-inducing riffs, and guttural bass-lines that will melt your eyeballs. Not for the faint of heart, but a must watch for any Thrashers and Hardcore fans.


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    […] Come On Gang […]

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