Franzzzzzz Ferdinand

10 Mar

I don’t tend to do reviews on my blog but figured I may as well this time seeing as I have something to rant about.

Last night, I went to the Hammersmith, sorry, I mean the HMV Apollo to see Franz Ferdinand. Support came from hotly tipped San Diego outfit The Soft Pack who I tipped in January for big things. To my surprise, a mate of mine and I thought they were Scottish. All of their songs sounded very similar to The View – only less anthemic. The band didn’t really move around much on stage and I was left eating my words a bit after raving about them a few months back.   

I do love their tune “Nightlife” but I won’t be rushing to see them again it has to be said. Some bands are more suited for playing on your iPod and others are suited for the live arena. The Soft Pack sadly are not an exciting live band. But, I wasn’t there for them – in fact, I’d only heard about them supporting an hour or so before.

The main event was of course Franz Ferdinand. I’d not seen them for a good few years so I was intrigued as to what they would be like now they are a proper established band. The last time I saw them was on the Carling Stage at Reading in 2003. A long long time ago. Whilst back then, they were one of the first bands to bring disco drumming into indie music, nowadays it’s done by every Tom, Dick an’ ‘arry. It’s all well and good to spend your career trying to re-write Trampled Underfoot but I’d appreciate a bit of variety every now and then.

The light show was very impressive and the fans down the front jumped around and sang along to every word but I was really bored. Every song just sounded slower than it needed to be. There was no energy and the band just didn’t engage me in the way that I thought they would. They played ‘Take Me Out’ quite early on in their set and I was already contemplating my exit before that. I stayed until they left the stage and watched one song of their encore but after that, I couldn’t take much more.

Considering the gig was free, I can’t complain too much but would I have been happy if I’d paid £25 to go and see them? Hell no. I made a swift exit way before anybody else.  They do have some great singles it has to be said but if a band can’t cut it live then I tend to lose interest pretty quickly. Every song has the same drum beat, off beat bass line and quirky jangly guitar lines. Considering this band won the Mercury Music Prize, you’d think they’d try and push themselves a bit further than they are.

I was in a foul mood yesterday too which probably didn’t help my opinion but when you’re more interested in updating your Facebook status when you’re at a gig it says a lot doesn’t it?

I think my Facebook status from last night sums it up perfectly. Franz Ferdinand need more Zs in their name.


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