Five new bands…

26 Jan

I’ve not been updating this blog very much lately due to university deadlines and some very bad news which occured last week.

Sadly, a friend of mine from across the road died last week. It was a total shock to lose someone at such a young age and it has been a very emotional week to say the least. I’ve never really had to deal with anything like this before and it’s been a very hard time for everyone involved. But we are all pulling each other through everything and hopefully in time things will get easier. He will never be forgotten though.

Initially, I couldn’t listen to music. I didn’t want to. It just made me feel worse. But I realised over the weekend that music can be very useful in healing you in traumatic times. As corny as that sounds. I’ve been listening to a lot of Iron & Wine, Bon Iver, Cat Power and Elbow. It’s suited my mood perfectly. ‘The Seldom Seen Kid’ seems to be the perfect soundtrack at the current time.

Anyway, as always, here’s a brand new bunch of bands for you to check out:

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour –  

Psychedelic pop duo from Copenhagen. 

Imagine what mum’s favourite Duffy might sound like if you bought vegetables *cough* mushrooms *cough* from some dodgy geezer in Camden….



 First Aid Kit – 

It is amazing how many bands are called First Aid Kit. It took me ages to find this band on MySpace because there’s so many. That said, there’s also a load of really good bands called First Aid Kit. Anyway, THIS First Aid Kit are a sister-duo from Sweden and they play a fantastic mix of folk acoustic pop.

What’s even more impressive is the fact that they are only 15 and 18.

The Chairmen –  

The Chairmen are a five piece from Leicester who already sound like the finished article.

They sound like they have thrown the top 100 indie anthems of all time into a pot, shaken it about, added some amazing melodies and served it up in a kebab shop at 2am. Not that that’s a bad thing – ‘Twenty Twenty Vision’ is like every Cribs tune you love and every Pigeon Detectives tune you love (but can’t admit to loving). 


Silver Gospel Runners –

Silver Gospel Runners are an ever expanding group of Cardiff musicians playing vaguely eccentric, whimsical indie pop. Is that a glockenspiel I hear? Yes. Yes it is.



Young Fathers –  

Scottish rap three piece. Yes, Scottish rap three piece. Scottish. I know. Surely that can’t work? Well it does. There’s no mention of Irn Bru, shortbread or heroin either.


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