Introducing… Kill It Kid

13 Nov

Ah… the wonders of the internet. Firstly, it gives me a key to a wonderful door. Inside the door is a endless world of new music – or as I like to call it, musical Narnia with no lions, witches or wardrobes in sight…. I sure could go for some Turkish Delight right about now mind you, but I digress…

It’s no lie that I spend hours and hours a day on the net hunting for new music and whilst this can be very tedious and soul destroying at times, every now and then a band will come along that makes it all worth it.

Being single, I should probably be out in chain pubs buying Bacardi Breezers for young ladies called Laura and Maxine who are training to be hairdressers or studying fashion but music wins I’m afraid. Sorry ladies. Now maybe if I was to meet Laura Marling it would be different but until that day happens, my first love with be hunting and discovering new music.

After hearing “Heaven Never Seemed To Close” on Kill It Kid’s MySpace page, I realised that I had found something spectacular. Having the radio show and now this blog means that I can use what I find and share it with the world. So with that in mind, I contacted Kill It Kid and asked them a few questions. Here’s what they had to say for themselves:

Who are you?                 

We are Kill It Kid:

Chris Turpin: Lead vocals and guitar
Steph Ward: Lead vocals and piano
Adam Timmins: Bass
Marc Jones: Drums and percussion
Richard Jones: Violin and backing vocals

Describe where you’re from (musically and geographically) and how the band came about…
We met studying music in University down in Bath. Chris and Ad formed an acoustic blues outfit, just the two of them, Marc approached us one night and offered up his sticks. We met the stunning Richard when he did some session work for us and Stephanie approached Chris to play in a few jazz recitals backing her…we then decided we wanted to do our own thing… in three months we had a band, that was in March.

What got you into music? Any particular genre or artist that inspired you become musicians?
We’ve been heavily influenced by early jazz and country blues, etta james, son house, reverend g.davis, and the stuff that came out in the 60s from the blues and folk revival. We felt the stuff in the charts was some how lacking, the passion of a lot of early roots music has fallen by the wayside, and we decided we wanted to sing like them.

We like modern stuff like The Black Keys, Mumford and Sons, The White Stripes, Bright Eyes, Florence and the Machine ALOT!

Give me a bit of history of the band so far, any amusing stories or interesting facts?
Organised ourselves a 30 date tour the summer just gone, playing to 300 people some nights and 3 men and a dog others. First show we had was in a Bikers Bar in the midlands, we wussed out as there was about two people were there…and a border collie! Ended up skidding out of the car park and back to our B and B for bombay mix and beer….sorry Coalville!

Future plans looking ahead to 2009?
Releasing Singles in March next year, lots of touring and an album too.

Anything else you wish to add?
We have a lot of new stuff going on at the moment, more recent recordings etc head towards for more info.

Kill It Kid are a band to watch fo’ sho.


One Response to “Introducing… Kill It Kid”

  1. Esmee Woolcomb December 3, 2008 at . #

    Those people in Coalville dont know what they missed. Killit Kid are destined for high places! If you get a chance to see them live, jump at it.

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