How did Middleman fall through the gap?

13 Nov

Ahhhh Leeds. There’s something in the water up there I swear. Or maybe it’s gravy?

It’s no secret that a lot of bands have come out of Leeds in the past few years (The Music, Kaiser Chiefs, Black Wire, Forward Russia, Pigeon Detectives, The Hair, Stateless, The Wedding Present and uh… Soft Cell)- but there’s one in particular that I am surprised STILL hasn’t broken through after discovering them almost two years ago. That band is Middleman of course.

This band are a live treat. A must see. They do however appear to be sticking to their Yorkshire roots. It’s very rare for them to play down south, let alone in London. I do think that somebody needs to have a word with their manager because I believe they could be the next band to join the dance/rock crossover brigade. The only band that I can think of since Middleman to have the “blown away after one song” factor was Does It Offend You, Yeah? and that’s saying something.

The live show pulls you in within a few seconds and halfway through the second song, you realise that you have no control over your feet, hips and arse. They began to shake and jitter out of control and then you find your cheeks start to hurt from smiling so damn much. That might sound like an exageration but it really isn’t.

Keep your eyes and ears on this band, if only for yourself. You need bands like this in your life. A band that is fun, full of energy, totally unique and infectious. What music should be really.

Add them to your friends list on MySpace and hassle them to play in London. They deserve to be heard by the masses.


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