9 Nov

These boys are very close to my heart for an obvious reason – the reason being that I used to be part of Delphian Complex a few years ago as a drummer.

Delphian Complex took a hiatus and did a lot of soul searching. They felt constricted and limited by the electronic side of their music and realised that they weren’t doing the music they really wanted to do. So, they went out to find themselves again and put Delphian Complex to bed. Now, they are called Arrows and what they’ve come back with is some of the most euphoric and uplifting music you are ever likely to hear. “A New Way To Get By” is designed for festivals and cathedrals the size of Wembley Stadium with “Song” being an epic second track to take your emotional journey even higher. It’s emotive and powerful music with an amazing wall of sound and spiritual lyrics and melodies that leave you feeling cleansed after every listen. If you are a fan of The Walkmen, Spiritualized, The Walker Brothers, Arcade Fire and BRMC then this band is a must see/hear.

Why they remain under the radar is a mystery but if there’s any justice in the world, soon they will touching the hearts of the masses.

Arrows front man Mark Drake (aka Drakey) will soon be joining me for some podcasts. You can also expect an Arrows interview and possible live acoustic session to come in the future.


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