Oasis fans are such beautiful and literate people

17 Oct

I was at an Oasis gig last night and the bar ran out of beer by 9pm. Let me repeat that, THEY RAN OUT OF BEER. At an Oasis gig. Imagine the panic. I don’t know if any of you have been to an Oasis gig before but beer is what keeps the audience from dying of boredom. Oasis fans simply can’t function without beer or a punch up outside a kebab shop.

Anyway, it was quite a hilarious sight to see a bunch of “geeeeeezers” ordering Smirnoff Ice. I actually heard this last night: “Ahhhh faaaaackin’ ell Terry, they ain’t got no fackin’ laaaaager. Gotta have a fackin’ fanny drink now.”

English language at it’s best right there ladies and gentleman. Nice to know that the writings of Chaucer and Shakesphere weren’t a complete waste of time.

As for the lack of beer, it was no bother for a posh gentleman like myself. I do enjoy a fine Shiraz.

The gig itself was a bit dull to be honest. I’m not sure if this was to do with the gig being filmed for MTV but the band really didn’t seem arsed. Plus I thought Liam’s voice was really off. I was a bit upset leaving. I’ve been an Oasis fan since I was 12 years old and I just had no excitement watching them this time around. It just seems like they are going through the motions. It must be hard to please everybody but it’d be nice if they mixed the set up a bit. It might keep them interested too!

Dig Out Your Soul is great but the live shows are becoming a bit predictable. They are doing a huge UK stadium tour next summer – their biggest ever UK tour in fact. It’ll no doubt sell out but the question is, how many more times do I really want to hear Wonderwall?


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