Kings of Leon interview at Glastonbury 2008

5 Jul


I was ever so lucky enough to grab a quick ten minutes with Caleb on Friday afternoon at Glastonbury back in June just a few hours before they headlined the Pyramid Stage…

– So, how does it feel to be headlining Glastonbury?

This festival has been good to us over the years – our very first festival performance was here in 2003 and the following year we played at sunset just before Oasis. And this year… when you look out there, it doesn’t come much bigger. So with all that in mind, we’re excited but I wouldn’t lie if I said we weren’t nervous.

– Do you have any pre-gig rituals to calm your nerves?

We usually try to stay as sober as possible before the show but do tend to drink as we play meaning by the end, we’re usually pretty wasted!

– Is there anybody on the line up that you’d like to check out?

MGMT’ are really cool. Jay-Z for sure. I’d like to see My Morning Jacket but we’re not here on Sunday unfortunately. I’d definately see them if I was here.

– You say you’re not here for the whole weekend, how long are you on site for?

Well, we’re heading to Switzerland tomorrow so it’s going to be a pretty whistle stop visit but we do intend to celebrate tonight. It was Nathan’s (drummer) birthday yesterday and obviously we had to save our energy for tonight so I think we’ll have a double reason to celebrate later on. Hopefully!

– What have you got planned for your set tonight?

Headlining means we essentially get to play the same set that we would do on tour. Although we don’t know how many people out there have seen us before and as we’ve only got ninety minutes or so to impress, we’ll keep surprises to a minimum.

– Any new songs?

We’ve been testing a few new songs from the next record out recently and I think people can expect a few new ones tonight. We’ve been told by the BBC not to play any new songs mind you but we might squeeze in one or two!

– It doesn’t seem that long ago that Because of the Times was released and there’s already a new record on the way (Only By The Night), has this tour given you all a new lease of life?

We’ve grown as musicians over the years. We wanted to take advantage of being at our peak and I think the new record reflects that. We are all really proud of this record.

– You’ve been touring relentlessly for the past few years, any plans for a live DVD?

We’ve filmed a lot of shows on this tour which we could possibly use, but there are no definate plans in place as of yet. If we are ever to do it, we’d like to make it very special and include a whole load of extras from the early days up until now. We have always been a band that’s focus has been on playing live. It’s certainly something for the future.

– You’ve been promoting Because Of The Times for over a year now, are you not tempted to take a break?

Well, to be honest, we thought about having some time off at the end of this tour but one of the main reasons why we went back into the studio was because of tonight. We all kind of thought that we should record a new album to justify playing such a prestigious slot. As I said before, Glastonbury has been good to us over the years and we felt that turning up without new material wouldn’t be respectful enough in a way.

– A lot of bands take breaks but lack something when they come back….

That was another reason. We didn’t want to disappear for a while, come back and find out that people have forgotten about us. Or worse still, we will have forgotten how to play! Right now, we’re trying to keep the ball rollin’.

– While you’re still young and handsome?

Exactly. Haha.


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